About Me

Quick and dirty?
Employee full-time, Cook whenever I can.

Need more detail?
I started this blog as an incentive to increase variety in meals, see how much money a dish cost, how much time it actually took me to prepare, and how to reduce both time and money on food prep while maintaining quality. Once I got into the swing of trying all kinds of recipes, which took about 2.8 seconds, I realized I needed to be better about documenting the cost and time it takes to prepare a dish. I've learned at least one thing:

Mise en place is king in the kitchen.
Right behind a sharp knife. 

Now I  am working on limiting the quantity of food I make to servings suitable for a household of one while maintaining the previous goals. I can't help it, I like to buy in bulk and the urge just overwhelms me even when I know it could be wasteful. That's yet another goal. Eating more salad ranks high too.

Need even more detail?
You won't find any original recipes here as I work off of those I find intriguing from various sources. What you will find are play-by-play photos of every single dish I crank out in my kitchen as well as my feedback. If I think something kicks-ass or needs tweaking, I'll say so and often that leads to my preparing subsequent Takes to determine repeatability or achieve a revision I like.

If I found the entire thing too foul after the first time around -- I'll let you know that too. Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often (and is probably due to my poor technique/substitutions or the fact that I selected something I might like and it just didn't suit my tastes).

Unlike other food blog authors, I
  • don't post at specific intervals, I just post them when I can - my aim is once a day (which is probably fair as I eat every single day without fail)
  • document everything new I try, Takes included, as well as the cleanliness of my fridge or oven, and the new stuff I buy/win 
    • in chronological order
    • posted by the date prepared or cleaned or purchased or won
  • have no food-creative bone in my body so you won't find anything original here but I always, always, always link to the source
    • except when it comes to reheating food (reheating frozen chili, which I'd posted just for kicks, was and maintains the position of highest hitting post), use leftovers or prepare food for freezing -- that's always original
  • document my food plan and the cost of my groceries weekly
  • document the cost of eating out at lunch which is due to my being I'm too lazy to bring lunch -- a tendency I find horrifying
  • hardly ever prepare food in natural light and even when I do my kitchen is like a dungeon, so please keep that in mind when you see the insane number of badly shot photos
  • do not assume skill-level of anyone who comes across this blog
    • if the recipe says to add 2 tbsp oil to a hot skillet, you'll see me do that
    • if the recipe calls for technique/ingredients I've never used before, I'll talk about that too
If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to raise your comment arm.  While I might not post daily, I do check email/comments daily so don't be shy.

Oh, and that email address: SmellsLikeFoodInHere at gmail dot com