Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stater Bros. Beef Chuck Short Ribs

Beef chuck short ribs on sale helped drive my decision to make a rib recipe. That's always a good reason for me.

Interestingly, the store didn't have them laid out in the meat case. I had to ask for some. And the meat guy had to cut them and wrap them for me. This was highly fascinating to me. I don't know why he decided to put the on a tray instead of in paper, but whatever.

The fascinating part was how the guy took a hunk of cow ribs and used a big assed band saw to cut the ribs into pieces. So fascinated was I that I neglected to ask for four inch pieces. I was too busy considering whether I should chop the wall down between my kitchen and bedroom to fit the band saw I was debating buying for myself.

Beef chuck short ribs, cut for you by the meat guy at Stater Bros., for $3.69/lb on sale.