Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grocery List, 072114

It seems it was a lot longer ago that I met the property managers for the first time. I sent them a letter after they came over last Sunday, confirming what we'd discussed and I suggested that since they were so floored by the condition of the apartment that I hoped it was safe to assume the 3-Day Notice was withdrawn.

Tuesday I got a visit from the new PM's. They gave me a form called a Promise to Pay or Vacate. There are three blank fields, one for the amount I owe, the date I plan to pay them, and my signature, which would authorize them to change the locks on my apartment and put my shit out "on the street" if I don't pay when I say I would. I asked when they wanted this form returned and found 24 hours was preferred. During the conversation Male PM said he has an email from the owner indicating Male PM should get the apartment fixed appropriately, not just a paint job. I told Male PM to forward that email and I'd be happy to sign away my rights. Of course, I never got the forward.

I was nervous about getting evicted and talked to a city inspector who recommended I call OC Housing Foundation who then told me I had to talk to Fair Housing Foundation out of Long Beach which serves the parts of Orange County that OC Housing Foundation does not. Odd but whatever.

I talked to Fair Housing Foundation briefly and learned that I was doing the rent withholding wrong so I had a great chance at losing an eviction case if the complex decided to pursue it. I called the city inspector and asked him to come and inspect, please! He'll be here Monday morning at 9:30.

So far, no screws have been turned further about my rent, no mention has been made about return of that crazy sign-my-rights-away-form. I plan to drop a letter off to the PM's including my July rent check after the city inspector visits. That will cover my ass so I don't get evicted if they decide to pursue it. Meanwhile I will cross my fingers that the predicted thunderstorm really does come through my city and pounds out some serious rain. I want the city inspector to see what I've been dealing with live!

For food I'm going Gordon Ramsay, that spaghetti dish IS happening TONIGHT and stuffed chicken legs tomorrow.

Grower's Direct:
  • red Fresno pepper: $0.07/0.04 lb
  • fava beans: $1.52/1.18 lb
  • garlic: $0.36/0.13 lb
  • parsley: $0.59/bunch
  • organic baby arugula: $2.49/5 oz
  • fresh chives: $1.29
  • TOTAL: $6.32
The Meat House:
  • sweet sausage: $5.28
  • Stefano's applewood smoked bacon: $12.11
  • TOTAL: $17.39
  • Florio dry marsala: $11.99 (on sale, normally $16.99)
  • TOTAL: $12.95
Grand Total: $26.66
Total for the year: $1062.71