Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grocery List, 072813

Last week, Sunday, the PM's sent an email saying they were going to proceed with the eviction process if I didn't submit a rent check. So I did and I emailed them telling them it was in their box.

Monday the Code Enforcement guy showed up, took photos, listened to me ramble. He'll send a letter with an expected completion date to the owner/PM and will follow up to ensure the work is done. Finally! I'm getting somewhere!

Tuesday I received a 24-hour Notice to Enter so that contractors could see the apartment. I learned from a PM subsequently that ServPro was here and they are waiting on a bid from them. This is actually looking promising.

Meanwhile, the PM's have been trying to rent out a vacant unit for over a week and they are just spamming the shit out of Craigslist. They jacked the price up by about 10-15% over any other 1-bedroom in the complex and keep offering different "incentives" like the OC Register for a year, or they'll waive the credit check fee if you decide to move in that day, which just reeks of desperation. However, I did learn through their multiple postings that they've changed their No Pet stance to Cat Friendly. That's convenient for those of us that have had cats for years. *eye roll*

In the food world, I am not really in the mood for more chicken but I have to go to Costco to get my cigarette fix anyway and well, this next chicken recipe should be straight simple. Enough so that I can jam out a couple of desserts! Fruity ones!

Sticky Lemon Chicken and Champ
Cherries with Almonds and Mint
Roasted Peaches with Vanilla, Spice and Honey

  • organic chickens: $24.05
  • chocolate chips: $6.99
  • TOTAL: $31.04

Grower's Direct:
  • nectarines (4): $1.72/1.93 lb
  • cherries: $4.36/2.19 lb
  • lemons (2): $1.05/0.88 lb
  • green onions: $0.49/bunch
  • russet potatoes: $1.63/2.36 lb
  • Italian parsley: $0.59/bunch
  • mint: $.29
  • whole milk: $2.79/half-gallon
  • TOTAL: $13.92

  • peach brandy: $12.99
  • amaretto: $19.99 (on sale!)
  • TOTAL: $32.98

Grand Total: $77.94
Total for the year: $1140.65