Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clear Creek Distillery Kirschwasser

Kirschwasser, aka cherry water, aka alcool blanc.

A white spirit, a true fruit brandy distilled from cherries; it should not be confused with the sweetened cherry brandies made by most of the great liqueur establishments.

The type of cherry used depended originally on where the distillate was made, but nowadays firms reputed for their Kirsch, such as those in Alsace, Franche-Comte, and the Black Forest in Germany, may have to buy in fruit to supplement the local cherries. The kernels of the cherries are included in the 'mash'.

As with many spirits that are widely used for culinary purposes, there are less expensive types of Kirsch, which are used for flaming pancakes, incorporating with whipped cream and fillings for pastry and cakes, and in confectionery. The top-quality liqueurs are particularly appreciated as a digestive after a meal.
So says the Larousse Gastronomique. I say this cherry brandy smells like tequila.

Clear Creek Distillery Kirschwasser, available in the fruit brandy section of BevMo! by the 375 mL bottle for $29.99 each.