Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baked Acorn Squash

Baked acorn squash served up with some Herb-Roasted Chicken and Stove Top Stuffing. Damn, that's good stuff.

I've never prepared acorn squash before. My squash repertoire is quite limited. I guess I felt the need to expand my squash horizons when I bought this one as I had no plan for it.

After checking out my handy-dandy Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, I saw it was possible to simply bake this joker. So I did.

My acorn squash:

Washed and halved.

Seeds and pulpy stuff removed.

Placed cut-side down in an 8x11 clean, but water-spotty 8x11 baking dish, and baked in a preheated 375°F oven.

Done 35-45 minutes later, a fork was easily stuck in it. And it was surprisingly shiny.

Wow, an acorn squash is just as easy to cook as, well, a butternut squash. I found this type to be more bland than a butternut. Almost dry in comparison.  Rodney told me he had acorn squash before and didn't care for it because it was boring and sort of dry.  At least he doesn't hate it, he ate his quarter.

Load it up with butter, sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. Good to go. Next time, I'll be sure to jazz it up somehow.

Cost:  $1.44 for the 1.82 lb squash.