Sunday, September 6, 2009

Food plan 090609

While I followed through on the simple food plan of last week, I didn't follow through on the food plan from the week before. I thought I'd put the Tapenade-Stuffed Chicken Breasts in this rotation, but they are going to have to wait until chickens are on sale again. If you will recall, I pulled some renegade cooking and made Spice-Rubbed Chicken with skin-on, bone-in half breasts instead that tapenade recipe.

Here's a run-down of what I think we'll have this week based on what we already have and what is on sale, in no particular order:
  1. Lemon-Saffron Grilled Chicken Thighs
    1. With Saffron Spanish Rice
  2. Sirloin steak with Sweet Bourbon Reduction
    1. With Green Potato Salad
  3. Country-Style Ribs in the CrockPot
    1. With Cole Slaw
  4. Mexican-Style Butterflied Chicken
    1. With beans, tortillas, cilantro y onion, guacamole, salsa and whatever Spanish rice is left
That means if I follow through on those four menu items, I'll have introduced Rodney and myself to six new recipes this week!! Hopefully, there are enough servings of everything to provide leftovers so we can make it through to next Sunday without having to do pit-stop-shopping during the week.

Here's what I had on the grocery list and purchased this evening (not including cat food, toilet paper and other sundries). Some of these items, what I consider "on-hand" necessities, and not necessarily required for the above-mentioned meals, are also included so that I don't have to save and dig through receipts for the price of something like lemon juice in the future:
  • unsalted butter: $6.09/4 lb
  • frozen salmon fillets: $18.49/3 lb
  • ground beef: $16.52 @ $2.69/lb
  • pork country-style ribs: $2.96 @ $0.99/lb
  • top sirloin steaks: $6.80 @ $1.97/lb
  • low-sodium bacon: $9.49/4 lb
  • lemon: $0.36 @ $0.89/lb
  • iceburg lettuce: $0.79
  • Romaine lettuce: $0.89
  • green onion: $0.49
  • green cabbage: $0.39
  • Roma tomatoes: $1.58 @ 0.99/lb
  • radishes: $0.49
  • onion: $0.32 @ $0.33/lb
  • celery: $0.69
  • baby red potatoes: $2.37/2 lb
  • English cucumber: $1.49
  • fresh Italian parsley: $0.39
  • fresh tarragon: $1.29
  • ground cumin: $5.29
  • tortilla chips: $3.09/3 lb
  • Real-Lemon: $4.88/2L
  • diced tomatoes: $7.99/8 14.5 oz cans
  • vegetarian refried beans: $6.59/8 15 oz cans
  • tuna in water: $11.99/ 8 7-oz cans
  • kidney beans: $0.89/14.5 oz can
  • black beans: $0.89/14.5 oz can
  • Jim Beam bourbon: $12.99/fifth
Total $126.49! A big jump from the last couple plans. At least I know the cumin should last awhile. I'm shocked I bought it this time around after our horrifying cumin experience. See? That's how much of an adventurer I am!

We went to the store for a couple of items. We got in line and found ourselves behind some X or K junky who was counting his coins on the conveyor belt to pay for his items including ice cream and garlic bread. This dude had an iPhone, but was paying for groceries in coins from a hideous coffee mug. Believe it or not, the conveyor moved forward, Junky's change fell under the conveyor, and because there was so much of it, the cashier and manager opted to try and dig Junky's change out to pay for his goods.

Others in line behind us were rolling their eyes and grumbling.  This opportunity was actually a benefit to me as I spied Italian squash, aka zucchini, on sale for $0.99/lb from our place in line. I wasn't sure what I'd do with them, but I figured the gettin' was good, so I grabbed a couple and made it back in line before Junky's change was dug out from under the conveyor.
  • brown sugar: $1.84/2 lb
  • Basmati rice: $3.99/lb
  • corn in husk: $3.16/4 @ $0.79
  • squash: 0.84 @ $0.99/lb
Total: $9.83
Grand Total: $136.32.

I need to remember to review our weekly grocery expenses, tally them monthly and get an average.