Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cheesy Mushroom and Onion Omelet

Not exactly a work of art, but definitely edible.

I had some mushrooms; for what, I can't remember. It's time to make an omelet.

One thing about omelets is that the interior can be a little bit too uh, creamy (raw) for me, so I try to make sure the eggs get completely cooked, but not overcooked. And I don't like it when the stuff in my omelet is crunchy -- unless the crunch is from something like peppers or asparagus or broccoli. Hard mushrooms and onions aren't a good thing in my omelets. So I prep them a little.

Also, since omelets cook so fast, you don't have time to play around. No wiggle room at all. Prep everthing before you start and have all of your equipment out at the ready.

Cheesy Mushroom and Onion Omelet

3 eggs, beaten
4 oz button mushrooms, coursely chopped
2 tbsp diced onions
4 tbsp butter
2 oz shredded cheese

Over medium heat, warm 1 tbsp butter in a small skillet. Saute onions 1-2 minutes, add mushrooms and saute another minute or until warmed and slightly less firm. Remove vegetables from skillet.

In the same skillet, warm 3 tbsp butter until hot and foamy, nearly brown, but not quite.

Pour the beaten eggs into the skillet and move the skillet rapidly back and forth to get those eggs moving around. Turn the skillet side to side occasionally to get the uncooked eggs to the edges of the skillet. When nearly set, add the mushrooms and onions to the eggs and sprinkle in some cheese.

Slide the omelet out of the pan onto a warm plate and flip it so it's folded in half. Sprinkle on a little more cheese.

This omelet tasted great! Unfortunately, I goofed with the camera too long to get the image of the mushrooms on the eggs and they wound up overcooked. You can see they are brown right at the fold in the first photo. Browned eggs have a rubbery texture, so that sucked.

I wish I had enough dexterity to flip the omelet into a pretty, even fold, rather than a wrinkly off-center mess. Ah well. Just a reason to have omelets more often -- for practice, you see?