Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shrimp-Topped California Rolls...and Tantrum Rolls

Ah, so much prettier with the added shrimp colors than a simple California roll . Rainbow rolls must not be too far off.

My nephew was over to run, ride bikes, hang out in the garage with the guys, play with the cat, ask an impossible number of questions, admire/inquire about the snakes, ham it up for photos (don't try to turn me in, they weren't the perv kind), sleep, and eat this weekend. We ate cheesy crunchy chicken breasts with macaroni and cheese Friday; pancakes with butter and maple syrup along with scrambled eggs and bacon followed by spaghetti Saturday; and then another huge pancake/eggs/bacon breakfast Sunday.

Rodney and I decided to give California Rolls another stab on the way home after dropping Kaner off. You know, to get a break from all the starch. We swung by a nearby Korean market to re-up on Nori, crab meat, cucumber, some kimchi and a tray of sushi-grade shrimp.

I made the sushi rice just like I did last time, except I used all of the sushi playin' around. I made the rolls just like last time too, for the most part. A couple times I forgot to flip the rice-topped seaweed and simply loaded everything on one side, making an inside-out Cali roll.

This time though, I placed shrimp on some of the rolls, alternating skinny shrimp end, fat shrimp end, skinny shrimp end etc to maximize roll area coverage. Rodney's not (yet) a fan of wasabi, so I didn't use any to stick my shrimp to the rolls. Maybe next time. It's a work in progress.

Sooo good!!

Rodney made his first rolls ever. He managed to cram a whole ton of crab meat in them which resulted in not-so-easy-to-roll rolls. Hence, the Tantrum Rolls, which are quite similar to the first ones I made.

While they didn't look especially pretty (or symmetrical), they tasted good. These were huge, finger-lickin' good sort of rolls.


  • imitation crab meat: $2.99/12 oz
  • white shrimp: $5.49
  • cucumber: $0.79
  • seaweed/Nori: $1.49
Total: $10.76. Yield: 6 or 7 rolls, 2-3 with shrimps on them.