Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cherries with Almonds and Mint

A sucker for anything to do with my favorite fruit, cherries, I had to try this recipe after finding while trolling on Gordon Ramsay's Twitter. I do regret that I didn't try this last week as I'd originally intended.

For the convenience of other American's who are unaccustomed to the metric system, I've Americanized the recipe. With any luck we'll convert to the metric system in my lifetime, which makes way more sense.

Cherries with Almonds and Mint
adapted from Gordon Ramsay's Tweet
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1.1 lbs ripe cherries, pitted
2 tbsp sugar
splash of amaretto liqueur
lemon juice
50 g slivered almonds
mint leaves, chopped
yogurt (or clotted cream or creme fraiche)

Warm the cherries and sugar in a medium saucepan until the sugar begins to dissolve and the cherries start to release their juices.

Add the amaretto and lemon juice; cook for a few more minutes until the liquid is reduced.

Divide the cherries among servings bowls and scatter the almonds and mint over. Serve with a generous dollop of yogurt.

Oh man, I am SO glad I tried this. It is just fantastic! Prep time takes longer than it takes to execute the recipe and it is completely worth it. I really should've measured out the ingredients nuts and toasted them since they are a little on the non-crisp side but still, just excellent. THIS is how fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt should taste. I am kicking myself for not trying this sooner since cherry season is over. Next year though, next year.

The original recipe says to serve the cherries with crème fraishe or clotted cream. I think yogurt is not as sweet as either of those options (a guess, having never tried either) so this is a little on the tart side. Still perfect. I imagine the cherries would be equally fantastic on ice cream or stirred with yogurt into granola.

  • cherries: $3.29
  • sugar: $0.06
  • amaretto liqueur: $0.39
  • lemon juice: $0.76
  • slivered almonds: $2, SWAG
  • mint: $0.79
  • yogurt: $1.75
Total: $9.04 or about $2.26 for each of four deliciously generous servings.