Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grocery List, 081013

Turns out, no one knew what was slated for my apartment beginning Wednesday. The painter thought the apartment was going to be empty, so he didn't do anything. Coordinated with the one of the PM's and emptied the bedroom Wednesday night for repairs and paint to happen Thursday. Then I got notification Thursday night that I had to move everything else so they could do the rest of the apartment Friday. I told them they were nuts!

The bedroom is about done and my focus this weekend is moving everything (including bedroom furnishings) but the kitchen and bath out of the apartment so they can finish next week. Right now I'm rounding up all old electronics from the apartment (calculators, phones, TV and everything plugged into it) and the garage (stereo parts, lamps, routers, alarm clocks, radios, phone chargers - why was all this junk in there to begin with!?!) for recycling. And I'm rounding up older suits and thumb drives for donation as well. My plan is to have only the things I want in the apartment once I move everything back in rather than keeping shit just because I'm too lazy to do something with it.

I envision and clean, Spartan sort of living space. Perfect.

The food thing, well, I'm going to play that by ear but I think I'm going to eat out. Probably a lot.