Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grocery List, 082513

Work has been cranking up the last couple of weeks, last week being quite exhausting. I didn't get anything done with boxes sitting in the living area - or much of anything else for that matter! Having scheduled tomorrow off work, I hope to at least get those boxes conquered and maybe cook some food.

Regarding the Ramsay dessert recipes. The peaches, for the second time in a row, went from rock hard to mush. Depending on what they look like at the store, I may get some more and just make the recipe even if they are rocks. The cherries, slightly wrinkled, may finally make it into an adaptation of the original recipe, depending on whether I make it to the store to get mint.

Poring over the magazines looking for something I'd like to consume, all I can think about is the cream cheese and apples that have made long-term homes in the fridge and WILL be going into a recipe of some sort even if it kills me.

Ok, here it is:
Garlic Shrimp and Avocado Tacos
Apple Pie Cheesecake
Cherries with Almonds and Mint
Roasted Peaches with Vanilla, Spice and Honey

I shopped:
Grower's Direct:
  • peaches (4): $2.51/2.54 lb
  • limes (3): $0.36/0.52 lb
  • lemon: $0.76/0.51 lb
  • red onion: $0.68/0.99 lb
  • Roma tomatoes: $1.75/1.77 lb
  • spinach: $0.99/bunch
  • avocado: $0.99
  • jalapeno: $0.15/0.12 lb
  • cilantro: $0.59
  • TOTAL: $8.78
  • Turbinado sugar: $3.19
  • Breyers ice cream: $4.99
  • salt: $0.59
  • whole milk: free with ice cream purchase!
  • mint: $0.79
  • shrimp: $9.69
  • TOTAL: $19.25
Grand Total: $28.03
Total for the year: $1251.92