Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grocery List, 081813

Whata week. I moved everything from the bedroom, all the closets, the living area and dinette out of the apartment last weekend, donating a bunch of stuff and throwing some junk away meanwhile. Over the week, the living area, dinette and bedrooms were painted, and the carpets cleaned. Yesterday and today I moved most of the stuff back into the apartment. The items that didn't make the apartment cut landed in the garage for sorting later.Never a proponent of having a ton of crap, it was time I did a serious purge. The apartment is much more spacious now and I am totally stoked about it.

Dealing with the possessions has been a little cathartic. I've been somewhat paralyzed when it came to Rodney's stuff (mostly in the garage) and this week I realized it's just been a chain around my neck. Over two years I've been dealing with a leaking roof and putting up with it just because his stuff was just overwhelming. The idea of trying to move and simultaneously handling his shit too seemed incredibly monumental and so I did neither. I'm going to list it all on Craigslist or eBay. Whatever of his remaining truly of sentiment I'll probably mail.

It's going to be awesome, all the space I rent will be MINE! And maybe now I'll actually have people over. Ok, so probably not because I'm a hermit, but I'll be more likely to.

And now back to regular scheduled programming:

I dug through the August/September Cooking Club magazines in my possession (4 or 5 total) and made a few selections from the 2004 edition. And since I picked up the liquor to do them a couple weeks ago, I'm going to make those Ramsay desserts while the fruit is still in season.

Zucchini Olive Bread
Gazpacho Shrimp Saute
Cornmeal Crusted Scallops with Corn Relish
Roasted Peaches with Vanilla, Spice and Honey
Cherries with Almonds and Mint

  • organic eggs: $7.25/2 dozen
  • chocolate chips: $6.99
  • TOTAL: $14.24
Grower's Direct:
  • peaches (4): $2.20/2.22 lb
  • cherries: $5.59/1.87 lb
  • green bell pepper: $0.79/0.57 lb
  • zucchini: $1.04/0.81 lb
  • red bell peppers (2): $1.83/0.92 lb
  • corn: $0.78/2
  • English cucumber: $1.39
  • garlic: $0.39
  • tomatoes on the vine (2): $1.27/0.75 lb
  • cilantro: $0.59
  • organic bananas (5): $1.59/2.01 lb
  • Kalamata olives: $4.99/19 oz
  • TOTAL: $22.45
  • farfalle: $0.69
  • farfalle: $0.69
  • parmesan cheese: $4.29
  • mustard seeds: $2.49
  • Fage yogurt: $3.49
  • shrimp: $9.59
  • scallops: $18.16
  • TOTAL: $39.40
Grand Total: $76.09
Total for the year: $1223.89

Oh yeah...Mom and Dad, congrats on 42 years! It's monumental!