Sunday, August 30, 2009

Food plan 083009

The heat has caused me to be extremely lazy.  I don't really have a plan for this week.  Nothing sounds good to either of us and I don't want to turn anything on that will produce heat.  However, we went and picked up stuff to make our own California rolls at home! 

While at the store, Rodney said he'd make shrimp tacos, so we got the goods for that too.  The rest of the week we'll probably have stuff you've already seen, so nothing new to report there.

Here's what I can put together now:
  1. California rolls
  2. Kalbi (carry-over from last week)
 This is what I bought:
  • potted basil: $2.99 
  • green cucumber: $0.69 ea
  • avocado: $2.45/5 @ $0.49
  • imitation crab meat sticks: $2.99
  • shrimp: $3.71 @ $3.99/lb
  • kimchi: $3.99
  • lime: $0.24 @$0.99/lb
  • Wasabi in a tube: $1.99
  • Nori (roasted seaweed sheets): $1.69 for a pack of 10 sheets
  • multi-grain bread: $3.99/2 loaves
  • flour tortillas: $3.25/24 count
  • tortilla chips: $3.09/3 lb
  • organic salsa: $5.89 a drum
  • eggs: $1.75/18 count
Total: $38.71.  The basil is in hopes I can keep it alive, the bread for lunch sandwiches, and the eggs are just good to have since they are so versatile.