Sunday, September 9, 2012

Boar's Head Naturally Smoked Gouda Cheese

Hunting around for a smoked mozzarella, I broadened my search to anything smoked. I selected some Boar's Head Gouda.

Here's a fine example of how one needs to read the labels while at the store.

I thought I was getting a regular Gouda, just one made right here in the U.S. Nope, I got a "pasteurized process Gouda and cheddar cheese".

I'm not cheese snobby enough to return it to the store and I'm certainly not rich and jerky enough to just throw it away. I didn't could be the best thing ever.

Not sure if the orange exterior was inedible rind normally found on Gouda, I guessed it was just from the smoke and went ahead, grating all of the cheese. Sometimes things are fun to find out after the fact. Yep, this is safe to eat.

The cheese, well, it's like a super soft cheddar and pretty mildly flavored. Not salty or sweet, just  really only slightly cheddary with a hint of smoke.

Boar's Head Naturally Smoked Gouda Cheese pasteurized process Gouda and cheddar cheese available near the deli at Ralph's for $5.99 an 8-oz package.