Sunday, September 23, 2012

H Brand Pearl Onions and How to Peel Them

Having peeled boiling onions once, I really had to consider whether I was going to adhere to the next recipe in every aspect or not. Peeled pearl onions are available in frozen bags after all and that'd be really easy.

Sucking it up, I wound up with a bag each of white and gold pearl onions. I had no idea there was an option.

I wonder if the tag on the boiling onions had directions how to peel them like these pearl onion labels do (click either pic to see).

The images below depict the essentials of the directions, but have slight variance because I followed Aidells directions in the stew recipe.

Salted water brought to boil; both bags of pearl onions added.

The onions cooked for 2 minutes before they were drained and transferred to a water bath.

About 1.5 hours later (only because I was busy, not because it was necessary), the onions were drained before they were peeled. This was accomplished by cutting the root end off the onion and then squeezing the onion which squirts out from its outermost skins.

Not hard, but not quite as simple as I'd expected. It did take me 30 minutes. Some onions needed more coaxing and brute force than others. Maybe cooking for 3 minutes would be better than 2.

H Brand Pearl Onions, white and gold, available at Grower's Direct in 10-oz packages for $1.99.