Sunday, September 30, 2012

Collard Greens

Purchased just yesterday, these collard greens are starting to wilt.

Checking out the Ratto Bros. site, I learned that collards should be stored in high humidity (90-95%). Fortunately, they'll perk up nicely if you just let them soak in water for awhile, maybe an hour. You want to do that anyway to rinse any earthy stuff away.

Roughly chopping into 1/2" dice, I can tell collards, even more so than kale, are not some wimpy greens. These babies are pretty hardy.

Looking for collard greens, or greens in general, in the Larousse turned out fruitless. Must be too non-French in 1984 when my copy was printed! I did learn that cotton candy is called "candyfloss" or barbe a papa.

Ratto Bros. collard greens available in the produce section of Ralph's for $1.49/bunch.