Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harvest Sensations Fresh Sage

I crappily showed some sage on this joint previously (and realize now I got the brand name wrong). But let's get up close and look at this stuff.

The leaves are hairy like peach fuzz, so velvety.

And when you rinse them by swishing them leaves in water, the water is quickly wicked away on paper towel.

Quickly dry and ready for chopping, the velvet is just like it was before rinsing. It's wild.

Unsure if it makes a difference, I do remove the leaves from the velvety "stem" portion before chopping.

According to the Larousse Gastronomique, sage is:
A perennial herb that grows in temperate climates and is widely cultivated for its leaves, which have an aromatic slightly bitter flavour and are used for flavouring fatty meats (e.g. pork), forcemeats, marinades, certain cheeses (including the English Sage Derby), and various drinks. Sage is traditionally considered to have curative properties: the name comes from the Latin salvus (safe, in good health).
Harvest Sensations Fresh Sage, available at Grower's Direct in a 1 ounce package for $1.29.