Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bernzomatic Propane Torch Kit and Spark Lighter

Dessert demands controlled fire. I went to Home Depot. In the tools section, near the saws and drills, I found a small selection of propane torches. You know, for soldering. Or melting sugar.

Danger! Propane is flammable! And look, BernzOmatic is made in the US.

Opening the box, I found the 14.1 ounce propane cylinder, a sheet of instructions, and the basic brass torch. I'm guessing it's considered basic since it only has a single valve for opening and closing propane flow in order to regulate the pencil tip-shaped flame.

The instructions* were cast aside and the white cap removed from the propane can.

The basic brass torch was screwed onto the threads until tight. It's ready to rock and roll.

Oh, and you need a sparker (sold separately) if you don't want to use a match or traditional lighter. This one came with a flint installed along with a cute little pack of 5 additional flints. I think I'm ready to spark fire for the next 50 years, especially when I realized I probably have an identical spark lighter in the garage.

Not only will this be handy for crème brûlée, but if I choose to do some more Onion Soup I can get busy with cheese-browning. Thomas Keller, of high-end restaurant (so high-end I'll only be able to his food if I make it myself or win the lottery) fame, even says, "You can use a torch for caramelizing sugar on crème brûlee, browning meringue, and, as we do, giving a crust to your roast beef." This gadget just opened so many food doors.

BernzOmatic Propane Torch Kit and Spark Lighter (with flints), $12.97 and $5.97, respectively, at Home Depot in the tools section.

*Click 'em to view up close.