Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

The last time I used coconut milk, I managed to mess up a huge pot of Jamaican rice. That sucked. And it didn't help my position on coconut milk (ick) even though the it had nothing to do with the fail.

This particular brand doesn't have potassium meta bisulphide, a fruit preservative, in it like that other brand. If you have an allergy to that particular item, you'll want to use Thai Kitchen.

But this time, the coconut juice (really, that's what it is) is going to go into a crème brûlée recipe.

Shake it before you use it.

I have a feeling I will be a coconut milk lover just because crème brûlée is better than crack.

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, available in the Asian part of the ethnic aisle at Ralph's for $2.99 a 13.66 oz can.