Saturday, January 5, 2013

Maseca Instant Corn Masa Flour

If you're gonna make corn tortillas you're gonna need some corn flour, masa harina. Masa harina is what I should've used instead of grits in that Smoky Tex-Mex Chili.

Masa harina is corn flour prepared from maize (non-sweet corn) via a process used to make hominy called nixtamalization. That just means it's cooked in a basic (lime) solution which softens the kernels, alters the protein matrix to make the niacin (Vitamin B3) more readily available, and allows for the hulls to be removed yielding nixtamal, or hominy.

The nixtamal, when dried and ground, is the masa harina in this bag, of which I'll make corn tortillas.

Isn't it crazy how a chemical process was used back in the BC's to make food and it's still done today? Isn't it crazy how simple tortillas should be to make and I've never done it?

I bought this at Target but lost the receipt. I think it was $3. If that's true, each of the 73 servings of 1/4 cup is about $0.04.