Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Private Selection Ground Coriander Seed

You know coriander is cilantro, right? Does any recipe ever ask for dried cilantro or cilantro seeds? I don't think so. But when it's fresh cilantro is called for. Isn't that weird? It's like the grape/raisin of the spices.

Interestingly, the little description says it goes well with beef, chicken, and seafood. I'll be using it on pork. Is this foreshadowing?

I had assumed that since the ingredient statement just said "coriander seed" that the seeds would be whole. Imagine my surprise when I popped the sprinkler top off and removed the freshness/safety seal...

and found it was ground. Looking more closely, I see that it says so right there on the front of the label.

Looking it up in the Larousse, I found information including this tid-bit:
Coriander leaves, commonly known as Arab parsley or Chinese parsley in France and a Greek parsley in Britain, can be used like parsley: the leaves feature especially in the cuisine of China, Southeast Asia, South America, and Mexico.

Isn't it weird Larousse doesn't call it out as cilantro? Cilantro isn't even listed with a "see Coriander".

Private Selection ground Coriander Seeds available in the spice aisle of Ralph's for $2.99 a 1.25 oz jar.


coriander seed said...

Coriander is easily grown from seed and is an ideal plant to grow on a windowsill or conservatory. It is best sown directly into the soil or pots as it does not like disturbance to its roots.