Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maria Marinated Artichoke Hearts

I thought these marinated artichoke heart quarters would be elusive, something I'd wind up using regular artichokes in place of because I wouldn't want to drive to three different stores.

Ingredients because it's tiny on the jar: artichoke quarters, water, vinegar, vegetable oil (sunflower or soybean), salt, spices, citric and ascorbic acid to preserve the color.

Nope, these little, expensive jars were right there among the cans of hearts.

They better be worth the money. They aren't even in olive oil, which might have justified some of the expense.

Maria artichokes available in the canned vegetable aisle of Stater Bros. for $2.59 a 6.5-oz jar.

Funny, when I tried to go to like it says on the label, I wind up at Go Daddy.