Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food Plan 110809

I did pretty good last week, no extra stops! Plus I essentially stuck to the plan, which is fantastic. There was a bit of delay in food production: tonight we had the saffron chicken. Overall, I am feeling quite successful.

A bunch of stuff happened last week which has me overdue for some relaxing laziness. Thus, this week, I'll make food based on what we have in-house with a couple of exceptions.

I want to make lemon loaves for Rodney and I want to try Russet potato fans. We have the potatoes, but since I need to stop at the Asian market to pick up stuff to send to Mom, I'll pick up fish while I'm there. We don't have a lemon and I like to get fish the day it is to be prepared unless it's the frozen salmon from Costco. So this week, 2 known stops.

What I know of the line-up:

  • saffron Chicken and rice
  • trout and Russet potato fans
  • something to do with drumsticks with some sort of side
  • pork chops of some sort with some sort of side

What I bought:

110809 (1 stop):

  • lemon: $0.50
110909 (1 stop)

  • rainbow trout: $9.50 for two whole fish, gutted, scaled and beheaded (I'd keep the head as I like the presentation and extra bits of fish-cheek flesh, but there isn't enough room in my skillet for it)
Grand Total: $10!


Analyze A said...

Sorry if this seems too obvious and you have other reasons for not doing this, but why not always make the fishes your first meal so that you don't have to make two trips to the store?

The Cook said...

I wish I had a good answer. Lol!