Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Golden Dragon

Happy Birthday, Rodney!

It's Rodney's birthday today and so I broke my "I'm never going to Chinese again" vow for the second time. It has been about 5 months since Rodney's had Chinese in my presence. It's his birthday for Pete's sake. And he loves it. Feverishly.

I meant to stop at the Chinese place which is conveniently located a couple doors down from a Korean place on my way home to surprise Rodney with Chinese and please my own palate with Korean. My mind and body though went on autopilot at some point during the drive from work and I came home empty-handed.

After some "we should" "no, we shouldn't" "we could" "nah, let's not" back-and-forth, we agreed to do Golden Dragon again. They did make some stuff for us a few times that was decent before I was forced to put my foot down on the Chinese.

We ordered some of the special egg rolls to share, Aromatic Shrimp for me, and Mushroom Beef with Broccoli added for Rodney.

My dinner of Aromatic Shrimp on steamed white rice accompanied by a piece of the speciall egg roll.

Rodney's dinner, mushroom beef add broccoli. There wasn't room on his plate for egg roll pieces, so took the remaining ones and ate them from the box/trough.

I didn't think my shrimp was too bad. Sure the breading was sloppy, the shrimp slightly overcooked and there was a little bit too much sauce. Still, it was edible. It didn't remind me at all of leather simmering in a soupy brown gravy like last time.

Giddy at first, Rodney acknowledged my previously stated contempt of Chinese food after having quite a fair share of his beef dinner choice. He realized that Chinese is really W, X, Y, Z meat with A, B, or C sauce and L, M, N, or O vegetables. It's a big mix-and-match. And none of the flavors of any one thing really stand out.

I'm sorry this Chinese food thing came to light for him on his birthday. But he is 36 years old now. It's about time.

I can't wait until we can afford to travel to China and eat there. I bet it'd be fantastic. Rodney will want to globe-trot just for the sake of eating -- which is really the point in travelling, if you ask me.

$37.46 out the door.