Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classic Saffron Rice, Take 2

Fluffy, golden yellow saffron rice served with glazed carrots and Salmon with Balsamic Olive Sauce.

Tonight when I made saffron rice, I was out of the Better Than Bouillon Chicken stock stuff, so used Better Than Bouillon Vegetable stock stuff. And while I was at it, I rolled with long-grain rice rather than basmati. What the hell, right?

The image below was collected when everything was added in and brought to a boil. I was surprised at how much darker the solution is with the vegetable stuff than the chicken.

Long-grain versus basmati, I didn't notice too much difference. The long-grain was a bit more "grainy" than basmati, which was a bit more creamy in texture.  Long-grain wasn't like eating granola by any means, so don't let texture scare you from trying it if that's all you have.  This rice, made with the vegetable stock stuff, was much more mild in flavor than the rice made with chicken stock.

I believe the cost when using long-grain is less than when using basmati.  But I guess that might be different if you compared bulk packages of each.  I'd have to check into that.

Regardless, the rice was whoop-ass.