Sunday, August 5, 2012

C&H Pure Granulated Cane Sugar

Ready for another bag, I ended up choosing the regular ol' granulated white cane sugar rather than the organic sugar like last time. The internal debate went on for about 6 minutes.

It started when I happened to notice the organic stuff is from Paraguay. Unsure exactly how far Paraguay is from southern CA, I figured it was farther than Hawaii, where America's cane sugar grows.

This time I bought "local".

Rather than ponder whether I made the "right" choice of buying local vs organic, let's just do a visual comparison. Here are the regular and organic cane sugars.

Isn't it trippy that the regular one is so totally white with small granules while the organic crystals are larger and soft brown (ecru, beige, light brown, off white)? I'd been wondering if I was imagining that the organic sugar was bigger. I'd been wondering if I was just seeing things.

C&H Pure Granulated White Cane Sugar, available by the 10-lb bag in the baking aisle of Costco for...crap, I didn't annotate it on the grocery list. According to the Costco page, it's $4.99. That makes each teaspoon about $0.004 or $0.21/cup.