Sunday, August 5, 2012

Safeway Yellow Corn Meal

If you can't find a brand name corn meal, maybe your grocery store will have one. Vons carries their Safeway brand corn meal.  

The ingredients are the same as the brand name corn meal; likely the nutrition facts are too.

Here's some that spilled on my countertop when I measured it into a bowl for an upcoming recipe.

It reminds me of desert movies, like there should be a tiny man with a tiny camel walking across it. And it should be windy. Maybe with a Jeep partially buried in it.

I looked up corn meal in the Larousse Gastronomique, but there isn't anything about corn meal listed specifically. There is maize (corn):
Grain maize is hard and bright yellow with a fairly small cob. It is usually used as an animal feedstuff but can also be ground into flour or semolina and used to make bread, pancakes, fritters, waffles, and many cakes. It is also served boiled. Cornflakes are made with maize flour. Cornflour (cornstarch) is widely used as a thickening agent both in domestic cookery and in the food industry. This type of maize is also used  to make Bourbon whiskey and certain types of beer, as well as corn oil.
Safeway Yellow Corn Meal, available in the baking aisle of Vons in a 5 lb bag for $4.79.