Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grocery List and Food Plan, 110312

Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese in the fridge and half a box of jumbo shells in the pantry means I should do another take of the Stuffed Shells, this time with sausage. For dessert, an Apple Crisp Pie. I might also do Smoked Paprika, Sausage and Roasted Tomatoes on Pasta.

Stater Bros.:
  • ricotta cheese: $3.99/15 oz
  • Stater Bros. oats: $3.49
  • Stater Bros. shortening: $5.99
  • Stater Bros. sausage: $3.99/lb
  • baby spinach: $2.99
  • lemon: $0.69
  • Granny Smith apples: $3.99/3 lb
  • TOTAL: $25.13
Total for the year: $1696.35