Tuesday, November 13, 2012

King's Choice Highland Basmati Rice

I think this bag of rice has been in my pantry for a long time. Like two-and-a-half years long. I was on a Cilantro-Lime Rice kick then and probably bought more just because I was (close to being) out. That's a habit I'm slowly breaking. Why buy it if it's going to sit around? It's not as if I don't drive by 50 grocery stores on my way to/from work.

Oh yeah, because sometimes it's nice to have staples in case I want to eat something on the fly.
But really, how often do I do that? Uh, never.

Before I went to the store last, the bag was inspected to verify there were no critters in there.

I double-checked after opening the bag.

And with most rice, I make sure to wash, wash, wash my pre-measured rice by doing multiple rinses while swishing it around by hand.

You'll be surprised how much crud will be floating in the water and how unclear the water can be. Now it's ready to go.

King's Choice Highland Basmati Rice, available way back then at Ralph's for $3.99/2.2 lbs.