Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stater Bros. All Vegetable Shortening

All out of the Spectrum stuff, I selected Stater Bros. brand since it's cheaper than the only alternative, Crisco, at that particular store location.

Considering the ingredients, maybe I should've spent a little more. Ew, partially hydrogenated oils, which means there might be trans fats.

Am I concerned enough to return it? Uh, no. I'll just do my best not to buy it again.

And this crazy plastic-lined foil liner is a really good reason to avoid it too. I spent 5 minutes trying to get past it. A knife was employed.

There you have it. Shortening. Let's make pie!

Stater Bros. all vegetable (partially hydrogenated oil) shortening, available in the oil aisle in a 3 lb. container for $5.99.

That makes each of 6.5 cups about $0.92.