Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm a late-comer to the Nutella party. There's a ton of recipes out there utilizing Nutella and there's a bunch more describing how to make your own. I wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Plus Todd recently alerted me to the fact that Nutella had been sued for essentially deceiving the public through false advertising.

Marketed as a nutty-chocolately spread to top toast for breakfast, someone was somehow baffled that the spread wasn't healthy as the marketing implied and thus deemed it sue-worthy. Me? I'm wondering how crack-alicious this hazelnut spread actually is.

NOTE: Since the lawsuit has been settled, I'm sure the label shown above is not the same as it was pre-2012.

Relieving the two containers of their twin-pack plastic restraint, I removed one of the lids and found a gold foil seal.

Removing that foil seal, I found a pool of oil on the surface of the spread. A little disturbed at first since palm oil is the second ingredient, I marveled.

Stirring the oil into the cocoa-nut paste yielded a smooth textured, pretty brown, hazelnut-smelling, chocolate-appearing spread.

Licking the spoon, I found I liked it but had no desire to spread it on toast or make a sandwich with it. I'll be looking for recipes in which to use it or else I'll just be eating it with a spoon.

Nutella in a (2 x 26.5 oz) twin-pack available near the peanut butters and jellies at Costco for $9.89, making each of 40 total tablespoons about $0.25.