Friday, May 3, 2013

Ralph's Water Chestnuts

Do you like water chestnuts? I haven't had one in a super long time; I didn't care for them back then. Maybe I will now.

But what are they, really? Larousse says it like this:
The tuber of an aquatic plant originating in Southeast Asia, having a prickly coat enclosing crunchy white flesh with a delicate flavour. Water chestnuts are sold either fresh or canned and are used in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking to accompany hot fried dishes and to give texture to stuffings. They are often served as a garnish mixed with green vegetables and bamboo shoots. A popular dish is lotus leaves stuffed with water chestnuts and rice. The tuber can also be used fresh as a dessert or preserved in sugar.

Ralph's water chestnuts available in the ethnic aisle of Ralph's for $0.79 an 8-oz can.