Saturday, May 25, 2013

Valentino's Pizza Special?

So I decide to look at Yelp and see if there's any new pizza joints around of interest. There's Valentino's Pizza which says it's been established since the mid-80's, though it looks like the location in my city is shiny and new.

Checking out the menu online, they have five Specialty pizzas, one of which is called "Special". Chances are that's the one closest to what I normally would get anyway, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers.

Calling to place my order, I stated that I'd like to place an order for a pizza to pick up. She asked for my digits and then asked what I wanted. A large Special. She asked which one. I said the Specialty pizza they call The Special. She asked if that was just cheese or just pepperoni. I told her I didn't know, it was just The Special. "Well, we have a lot of specials going on right now."

Oookay. So I ordered a large with my standard "test" toppings. It's supposed to be ready in 10-15 minutes, so I'll mosey over. I hope my decision not to order Two Brothers won't bite me in the ass.

Arriving at the store, parking was a cinch even though the location is in a strip mall near a sushi place, a laundromat (with 99 cent top-loaders!), a Subway, etc. Walking in it seemed clean and was certainly bright, though I might have had the flashing lights of the casino-esque laundry etched onto my retinas. I was immediately received by the guy I'd guess was the owner*. Right away my pizza was brought out (was I the only one with a pizza to pick up?), I was rung up, and out the door.

The toppings are evenly dispersed; the crust is skinny except for the handle, which is crispy and chewy. It has that banh mi bread crisp happening, which is nice.

Unfortunately, there's something on this pizza that tastes weird. I don't think it's the's not the sparingly applied sauce. God, I think it's the parm I sprinkled on from the glassine pouch.

Yep, that must be it. My third slice doesn't have that taste.Well, it's not as dominant. What is that taste?

*I guessed this since he was immediately behind the counter munching on some sort of snack that requires spitting into ones hand. He greeted me but made no move to assist, relying on the girl who likely took my phone call. I was good with that.

Large 5-topping Valentino's pizza out the door for $15.11.