Sunday, September 22, 2013

Delallo Pizza Sauce

Not often do I use pizza sauce. I've got a major hang-up about pizza sauces and tend to avoid it but the next recipe calls for a bunch of it.

I picked up three jars of this sauce because the ingredient statement (tomato puree [water, tomato paste], sugar, garlic, spices, pepper, salt, and onion powder) looks cleaner and fresher than most others without costing a ridiculous amount.

It looked really thick, which was promising.

And it smells good too. Turns out the taste is nice, slightly sweet but not crazy. Still doesn't have the kick sauce Vitale's puts on their pizzas but Delallo's sauce will work out well I think.

Delallo Pizzeria Style Pizza Sauce available in the pasta aisle at Ralph's for $2.19 a 14-oz jar.