Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tostitos Artisan Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa Chips

Normally I don't buy snack foods. They screw with the chocolate chips I'm almost constantly eating. But if I'm going to make a sandwich, I like a little extra crunch.

Years and years ago, Tostitos made a Roasted Red Pepper chip and a crazy Lime chip for a brief while. The Roasted Red Pepper chips were insanely good and for a while I'd eat a huge bag of them DAILY. It was impossible for me to stop eating them. Tostitos, apparently, didn't find my sales worthy of continuing them, but continued the Lime. I don't get it. I don't know if the Lime is still available because I tried them once and they were gross so never looked again.

Okay, I did, back then, realize they discontinued the red pepper but the Lime was still on the shelves. WTF?

So now Tostitos has "Artisan recipe" chips. They're glamorized Doritos but since these came in a Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa flavor, I thought maybe they'd be like the Roasted Red Pepper chips I was a junky over.

These Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa chips are ok. I prefer them over the very-similar Doritos, but they don't have ANYTHING on the old chips they'd rolled out way back when. For the love of all things holy, Tostitos, bring back those Restaurant-Style thin and crispy, delicately flavored, Roasted Red Pepper chips!

Tostitos Artisan Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa chips available in the chip/snack aisle at Ralph's for $3 a 9.75-oz bag.