Saturday, September 21, 2013

Woolwich Dairy Original Gourmet Goat Cheese

With visions of a fantastic frittata in mind, the mission was to find a package of goat cheese weighing two ounces.

The closest I could find is Woolwich Dairy's Original Gourmet Goat's Cheese in a four-ounce package. The ingredients seem to differ somewhat from the last goat cheese I bought. This one has pasteurized goat's milk, salt, bacterial culture, and microbial enzyme.

Peeling back the chevron end of the package, the cheese looked and smelled like goat cheese but was a little drier than the last one.

And when I cut into it with a knife, the softness sort of crumbled.

Woolwich Dairy Gourmet Goat's Cheese available in the cheese case just outside the deli at Ralph's for $5.99, making it $1.50 and ounce.