Monday, September 30, 2013

S&W Cannellini Beans

There's a handful of recipes posted on this here blog calling for cannellini beans. I didn't know for the longest time that they are considered a white kidney bean. I didn't know that cannellini beans pack 6 grams of fiber per serving either; yet prunes are stereotyped. And no wonder meatless people eat beans, there's even more protein than fiber.

Like all canned beans, these white beans are packed in a syrupy goo of water, salt, sugar, calcium chloride (a firming agent), and disodium EDTA (to promote color). It's so gooey that a bunch of beans will stick to the bottom of the can when you dump them into a colander.

Use water to get all the beans out of the can(s) and be sure to rinse them well.

S&W cannellini beans available in the bean section of the canned vegetable aisle of Stater Bros. for $1.29 a 14-oz can.