Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food Plan 102509

I spent yesterday morning and afternoon with my brother. Then the four of us (brother, Old Friend, Rodney, and I) went to the AMA Grand Nationals in Pomona (dude from homestate won!) and then hauled ass over to Hollywood and caught the Daniel Johnston show at The Music Box. What a Saturday! Usually, I'm just goofing around at the apartment, feeding worms, contemplating what the hell we're going to eat the following week, pestering Rodney about what he wants to eat, and blogging.

Needless to say, I don't have a food plan. I spent this morning recuperating from the day and night out "on the town" and catching up on all the stuff I normally do on Saturday.

I have come to realize that I tend not to have a decent plan (for a multitude of excuses reasons), but instead of just rolling with it, I turn around and try to make up for it. Just for the sake of this blog. And that sort of skews things. Food tends to be much more expensive since I don't plan in advance, I make tons of trips to different (or worse, the same) stores, dinner gets on way too late, and really, it wears me out as I find myself trying to play catch-up. The Chianti Beef Stew is a prime example.

When did this blog start taking over my life?!

Beginning this week, that is no longer.  I'm getting back to the basics: cheap, healthy and lactose-intolerant friendly.  That's it. Not poorly planned, hectic and expensive. If I don't have a food plan, that's ok, I'll just have to deal with it and make something out of what we have already.  Getting back to the way it used to be will get me back to blogging at a nice pace and probably into smaller pants.

Hopefully I won't have to, but as I shop this week, I'll update my grocery list:

102709 (1 stop for cat food)

  • Tombstone pizza: $5/2
102909 (1 stop for frozen pizza)

  • Red Baron deluxe pizza: $10/3
  • pork shoulder blade roast: $4.02 @ $0.88/lb
103009 (1 stop for chips and juice)
  • tortilla chips: $3.29/48 oz
103109 (1 stop for eggs)

  • eggs: $3.59/24
  • pork chops: $14.64
Grand Total: $40.54.

I just had a thought: maybe I should make a defined goal for how many posts I should make a week.  As it is now, I post every new recipe I try which is quite a few and why I'm perpetually behind in posting.  Or should I cut back on the number of new recipes I try?


Analyze A said...

In my experience, especially if you love food and cook a lot, the secret to getting into smaller pants isn't what you eat (since you're already cooking and therefore mostly avoiding foods which are literally engineered to make you keep eating them vs being satiated), but how much you eat. And the secrets to eating less and still feeling 100% satiated are to put your food on a smaller plate, plate food in the kitchen (don't leave the dishes in front of everyone at the table), no TV or any other distractions (hard but enormously helpful), and most key, eat SLOWLY (small bites, fork down while you savor and chew that bite, and take a breath before you pick the fork back up). You'll get twice the pleasure from half the amount of food. I lost 30lbs eating this way, and maybe five years later convinced my husband to try it (also, no snacking), and he lost nearly 50lbs! There are books on the French Diet which go into more detail if you're interested. It's not what you eat (and I certainly don't cook French food specifically), but how you eat. You can eat amazing food and be thin (or thinner). You can also google mindful eating; those priniciples are very similar, if you're interested. If not, feel free to disregard this!

The Cook said...

Excellent points, A! I've always been a slow eater anyway and it seems I try to keep up with everyone else around me. It's weird to be last finished all the time. Maybe the mind-set is that being last to finish is the goal. I'll give it a go, thank you!

Analyze A said...

Thank-you! Cool! You're welcome, and I hope that this works well for you :)