Sunday, February 13, 2011

Changes to Smells Like Food in Here...including Print Option, though slowly

I've changed a few things: 
  1. I returned the Blog Archive and Labels to the right side-bar rather than keeping them at the end of the blog page. Hopefully, that will help you and me search for things of interest as tons of scrolling will not be required.
  2. There is an About Me tab up there next to the Home tab. The About Me is kinda lengthy, but gives the jist of the blog. In depth. Hopefully it'll help make sense of things around here.
  3. I've determined that until I learn to write code, my ideal print option is just not going to be automagically found via Googling.  Until I take that class (or hire a code writer -- sorry, not gonna happen), I will be adding the meat of posts to another site provided by Google (thanks Google Docs!) via a link.
    1. As test runs, I've added a click for a printable link on
      1. this reheating chili post
      2. Cheddar-Zucchini Biscuits
      3. Garlic Butter Roast Chicken and Vegetables
      4. Glazed Lemon Loaf with Rum
Check the links out and provide feedback: is this a total win as is or should I make adjustments?  If it's a go as-is print-wise, I'll move forward with adding printables to new posts as of now as well as adding printables to the older posts incrementally.

Additionally, I intend to change the background to something more reader-friendly, but that turns out to require more updates and tuning of the machine.