Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food Plan and Grocery List, 021311

This weekend, I've been ultra-motivated and have been too busy to think much about food.  I've managed to transfer the data from the old tower to the new one (turns out the old tower wasn't dead, the power button was sticking -- DOH!), fed the snakes and worms, got a hair cut, bought stuff to fix my leaking kitchen sink at Home Depot, scored a pepper grinder, and did some spur-of-the-moment food shopping.

The plan this week is to eat more fruit as my tendency of late is to let the fruit sit and turn into worm food in the fridge. I have some ribs leftover and intend to eat it with some different sides (brussel sprouts and salad), but I'll be cooking

  • Chickpea, Sausage and Kale Pasta

I bought:

Grower's Direct
  • fresh-cut cantaloupe: $1.21/1.53 lb
  • fresh-cut pineapple: $1.76/2.23 lb
  • fresh-cut maradol papaya: $1.36/1.53 lb
  • honey tangerines: $2.10/2.12 lb
  • red bell pepper: $1.17/0.39 lb
  • small gala apples: $1.17/1.60 lb
  • blood oranges: $0.50/0.63 lb
  • brussel sprouts: $1.85/0.93 lb
  • English cucumber: $1.49 ea
  • garlic: $0.35/bulb
  • kale: $0.99/bunch
  • romaine lettuce: $1.59/head
  • baby spinach: $1.99/6 oz
  • TOTAL: $17.30


  • Aidels Cajun-Style Andouille sausage: $5.99/12 oz
  • TOTAL: $5.99

Stater Bros.

  • Hunt's fire-roasted diced tomatoes: $1.69/14.5 oz
  • Hunt's fire-roasted diced tomatoes: $1.69/14.5 oz
  • TOTAL: $3.38

Grand Total: $26.67
Total for the year: $176.43