Monday, September 5, 2011

Chickpea, Sausage, and Kale Pasta, this time with macaroni

This is (at least) the third time I've made this dish. Like last time, I skipped the cheese and didn't bother with chopping the kale, though chopping kale is beneficial for greens dispersion. Personally, I like getting a giant hunk of kale and chomping on it like a horse grazing in a prairie of succulent grasses. And this time I used the macaroni I had sitting in the cupboard. Of course I used Aidells Andouille.

Farfalle, what I used the first time I tried Bitchin' Camero's recipe, is still my fave type of pasta for this dish. Again, that swallowing air tendency I apparently have weighs heavily. Macaroni, even though I weighed out the appropriate amount, made it seem like there was a lot more pasta to other ingredients. It was weird.

Click that first time link and scroll down for the recipe. Or go straight to Bitchin' Camero's post. Don't be shy about ogling her photos. They cause me to lick my monitor every time.


juventia_jesica said...

hmm... This looks really delicious :)

The Cook said...

Thanks for the compliment! My kudos go to Bitchin' Camero for concocting and sharing the recipe!