Sunday, June 30, 2013

Delallo Orecchiette

Well, well. These "little ears" are hard to find sometimes and I got lucky when I scored this package.

In addition to the bread crumbs the next Ramsay recipe calls for orecchiette.

I recently saw an episode of some show, or maybe I read it somewhere, that pasta made with bronze plates are supposed to be superior to those that are not. The rough surface offers more surface are compared to plastic-extruded pasta which is supposed to make your sauce stick better. It makes sense to me. Either way, the cooking instructions are about the same.

Packaged by the pound, the bag comes with a little strip of tape, sort of like the package these raisins come in. If you only use a portion of the bag, you can fold down the top and tape the bag shut.

Aren't they cute? They are like shells that haven't been curled up, making them like tiny bowls.

Delallo Orecchiette available in the pasta/ethnic aisle at Ralph's for $3.99 a 1-lb package.