Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grocery List, 060813

Dead silence by apartment management tells me I made the right choice by withholding rent. They know they are in the wrong. Or they are processing paperwork to have me evicted because unbeknownst to me, I'm a nutbag.

More exciting is that a new Cooking Club magazine came. While my silent plan was to cook everything in the last one, I got bored with it. How many chicken boobs can a person eat?! Flipping through the new one, I found that one of Bruce Aidells's recipes, stuffed burgers, is the "flashback". Done deal. I'm going to do a meatless linguine dish to bring for lunches. And there's four geriatric apples in the fridge that might wind up in apple crisp.

Grower's Direct:
  • Russet potato: $0.38/0.78 lb
  • mushrooms: $1.66/0.76 lb
  • spinach: $0.89/bunch
  • cluster red tomatoes: $4.51/2.67 lb
  • basil: $1.53
  • basil: $1.44
  • basil: $1.44
  • basil: $1.44
  • baby arugula: $2.49
  • strawberries, organic: $2.49/lb
TOTAL: $18.27

  • oven cleaner: $7.49
  • Sutter Home wine: $5.49/4-pack
  • mozzarella: $2.24
  • Kaiser rolls: $2/4
TOTAL: $9.73

Grand Total: $28
Total for the year: $848.77