Monday, June 24, 2013

Thai Kitchen Fish Sauce

Click the pic and you'll see it's declared gluten-free.

There's one fish sauce that I've used my whole life; it's the one my mumsy uses. This one is not it.

I thought the one I normally use would be available in the ethnic aisle at the store and I was wrong. At that point in the store, I didn't think I'd be making a second stop so made a selection from what was available.

The ingredients include anchovy extract, salt, and sugar. And unlike any other fish sauce container, I can read all of this one and it pronounces that it's from a "first pressing". Does that make it extra-virgin fish sauce? Ha, ha ha! Ahem.

Because Thai dipping sauces are insanely delicious, I snapped the recipe. Try it at your own risk; I can't vouch for it.

Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce available in the ethnic aisle of Sprouts for $3.29 a 6.76-oz bottle, making each tablespoon about $0.25.