Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grocery List, 061513

Still no word from The Management about the state of this apartment and my lack of June rent payment. I don't get it. I should've gotten some reaction by now.

I think I'm getting better about planning my meals - at least this week. I'm motivated by newfound appeal in bringing my own lunch to work during the week and by a routine of golf on Sundays. This week I'm going to use the remaining pesto in roast chicken. The leftover chicken will go into sandwiches for lunch. But I'm going to start with a dish to use the shrimp in the freezer and a dessert to use the frozen blueberries. Most exciting? I'm going to make mayonnaise.

Homemade Mayonnaise
Fresh Shrimp and Corn Chowder Salad with Bacon
Roast Chicken with Pesto and Potatoes
Blueberry Coffee Cake

Grower's Direct:
bananas (2): $0.58/0.98 lb
cherries: $5.47/1.83 lbs
lemon: $0.35/0.35 lb
red potatoes: $1.97/2.85 lbs
red onion: $0.5/0.56 lb
Brussels sprouts: $1.20/0.93 lb
sweet white corn (2): $0.78/0.39 each
organic greens: $2.89/5 oz
cherry tomatoes: $1.29/pint
TOTAL: $15.03

The Meat House:
Stefano's boneless ham, aka applewood bacon: $3.36
Boar's Head Monterey Jack: $2.08
Sunflower rolls: $3.99
TOTAL: $9.43

organic chickens (2): $22.76

Grand Total: $47.22
Total for the year: $895.99