Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grocery List, 062213

I finally heard something from the property manager regarding the apartment - funny though, the dude didn't mention my lack of payment. He asked by text if he could see the apartment and I essentially told him to go right ahead and don't let the cats out. Home from work Friday it seemed they had worked on the awning (why, I'm not sure) and today it sounds like they're getting busy with the roof. FINALLY. The test will be whether it holds water.

Last week I found a Gordon Ramsay show on YouTube called The Ultimate Cookery Course. I started with the first episode and watched every episode available. They were cool simply for the fact that they made evident how much Ramsay likes food. When he talked about the donuts and said, "They're like little pockets...of air" you could actually see the wonder in his eyes, like he can't believe something like this could exist - and he made it.

And the majority of the food looked good. I'm gonna try one recipe from the show and another of Ramsay's found through a search for chicken wings. While I'm all gung-ho to do Ramsay's recipes, I'm looking to also clean out my freezer, a never ending battle. The Blueberry Coffee Cake is going to satisfy the sweet tooth this week.

Spaghetti with Chilli, Sardines, and Oregano
Orange and Ginger Caramelized Chicken Wings

  • baby boule: $1.69
  • fish sauce: $3.29
  • spaghetti: $2.49
  • baby arugula: $2
  • gala apple: $0.60/0.40 lb
  • ginger root: $1.61/0.54 lb
  • Valencia oranges (2): $1.14/0.88 lb
  • red jalapeno: $0.25/0.05 lb
  • shallots: $2.15/0.72 lbs
TOTAL: $15.17

  • oats: $3.49
  • lemon grass: $2.24/0.28 lb
  • bacon: $1.24/0.33 lb
TOTAL: $6.97