Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grocery List, 102013

This week I'm starting in on some recipes suitable for Thanksgiving. The latest Cooking Club mag has some turkey recipes good for at least eight people but I'll scale mine for a chicken worthy of four. For dessert I'll try a sweet potato loaf out of that magazine.

Honey-Roasted Chicken
Safeway Cornbread
Chocolate Chip-Sweet Potato Loaf

  • mini chocolate chips: $2.09
  • dried cranberries: $7.30/2.44 lb
  • semi-sweet chocolate chips: $9.82/2.46 lb
  • steel cut oats: $1.47/2.99 lb
  • eggs: $3.914/dozen
  • yogurt: $4.29
  • yams: $1.07/0.88 lb
  • TOTAL: $27.86
Grand Total: $29.95
Total for the year: $1590.35