Saturday, February 2, 2013

Grocery List, 020213

After digging out the Feb/Mar issues of Cooking Club magazines, I began perusing and came across an article with five recipes written by Bruce Aidells. That they are ground beef recipes caused me to hesitate momentarily. I don't have anything against ground beef per se, but I have been gravitating away from it. Maybe that's just another reason to do them. Deciding to try every one of those recipes beginning with Tamale Pie, I shopped. I might do another pumpkin cheesecake, but I'm not feeling it.

  • vanilla beans: $11.99/10
  • whipping cream: $3.83/qt
  • ground beef: $19.79 @ $2.99/lb
  • sugar: $4.59/10 lbs
  • chocolate chips: $6.99
TOTAL: $44.19

  • olive oil: $7.99
  • milk: $1.19/pint
  • sharp cheddar cheese: $2.50/8 oz
  • creamed style corn: $0.69/14.5 oz
  • Anaheim chiles (2): $0.52/0.35 lb
  • onion: $0.76/0.51 lb
TOTAL: $13.65

Smart and Final:
  • Fuji apples (5): $2.78/2.34 lb
Grand Total: $60.62
Total for the year: $90.94