Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rance's Stuffed Best Seller

So this place, Rance's Chicago Pizza, opened up a few months ago on the other side of town. Being a deep-dish place, I was intrigued and finally made the call, placing an order for pick-up.

Isn't it weird how I keep finding places that don't close their boxes all the way? There's Pizza D'Oro and Love Letter. This is the first that left the front flap open. Yanking that flap up, I found this.

It looks like a LOT of tomato action, but it is a deep dish and okay, so the sauce is on top. I can roll with that.

A slice pulled away from the other seven slices in what appeared to be a clean manner. And look, there's a little meshy stand-off under the pizza. Good for air circulation in soggy-crust prevention.

Look at that cheese

And good god, that's a lot of cheese with hardly any stuffing. Where's the stuff? Oh, it's slivers of spinach? The ratio of cheese to veg is about 500:1. Sodium is high, the crust flaky like a buttery-oily pie.

After 1.5 slices, I feel sort of sick. I wish the cheese:stuffing ratio was a little better.

Rance's Medium Stuffed Best Seller: $23.75 plus $1.25 toke makes $25.

I baked a slice in the oven at 350°F for about 10 minutes.

And I'm not ashamed to tell you that over the following days, consuming a slice here and another there, I sort of had a cheese, uh, blockage. One of those days there was a plate explosion in the oven which I'll cover another day. You know, when I decide to clean the oven for the second time.